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Find Your Role in Stroke Prevention in Honor of World Stroke Day

How to spot a stroke

World Stroke Day is an initiative that seeks to educate the general public on strokes and currently available preventative techniques and guidelines. Experts are branding current world stroke incidence as an epidemic since 25% of adults over the age of 25 will suffer from a stroke. Prevention through eliminating risk factors, or testing and treating conditions such as Atrial fibrillation or extracranial carotid artery disease, is of the utmost importance to bring that rate down.

Data also suggests that preventative methods could include making alterations to an individual’s lifestyle. Physicians have the opportunity to provide explicit programs and guidance that can help lower or resolve a patient’s blood pressure. Preventative treatments include weight loss and in some cases could include weight loss surgery, as substantial evidence shows the correlation between body weight and blood pressure. All this new data could help bring a resolution to this epidemic, and as a nutrition professional you can play an important role in educating your patients and/or clients.

World Stroke Day

World Stroke Organization

This website provides resources to raise awareness about stroke prevention through World Stroke Day. It’s a comprehensive campaign that includes tools, events, campaigns, and articles that can be used to provide accessible information about strokes to a wider audience.

2021 Guideline for the Prevention of Stroke in Patients With Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack: A Guideline From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

American Heart Association

This article is divided into sections, each one of which addresses different treatments and preventative methods that can reduce the likelihood of a secondary stroke. It also addresses prevention strategies and recommendations for ischemic strokes categorized by etiologic subtype.

Weight-Loss Meds, Surgery Could Fight Obesity-Related High Blood Pressure

American Heart Associations

This article addresses the current evidence regarding the correlation between diet and high blood pressure treatments. It argues that weight loss is part of the solution for early prevention and that weight loss surgery should be an option for the effective resolution of high blood pressure cases.

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