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Is Irregularity Normal for an Aging Adult?

Doris is a 69 year old woman who lives in an assisted living facility and has recently had problems with “irregularity”, her polite word for constipation. She thought it was a symptom of aging, but… Read More

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Nutritional Needs for Older Adults During Times of Stress and Trauma

Critical illness such as trauma, injury, burns, wounds, pressure injuries, major surgery, or sepsis cause a stress response that can result in hypermetabolism, increased catabolism, and loss of lean body mass (LBM). This type of… Read More

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Woman looking at gluten-free recipes on phone

Celiac Disease in Older Adults: Incidence and Management

Julia started a new job as the registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) at a continuing care retirement community. She noticed that the community’s assisted living and skilled nursing units each had a handful of physician orders… Read More

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Should Obese Older Adults in Post-Acute Care Be Encouraged to Lose Weight?

Ana, a registered dietitian nutritionist at a skilled nursing facility, received a consult from the facility physician for weight loss for 80-year Mabel, whose BMI is 37. Ana is new to long-term term care but… Read More

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Should Older Adults Ditch the Diet for the Holiday Season?

The smell of turkey roasting in the oven… The sight of the table set for a very special holiday gathering… Candles glowing brightly…festive holiday music… The flavor of your favorite holiday dessert melting in your… Read More

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Elderly couple enjoying a holiday meal

Making Mealtime Magic This Holiday Season

We want this holiday season to be a magical time for everyone, and the last thing you or your patients should be worried about is food. Take a look at our sample holiday menus for…Read More