How to Complete a Continuing Education Course

Instructions for Obtaining Your Certificate

In order to obtain the CPE certificate, you must view/read the entire program, complete the test with an 80% passing grade, and complete the evaluation. After you submit your answers, the screen will show correct answers in green and incorrect answers in red text. Re-take the test as many times as needed. Complete the evaluation to access and print your certificate.

1. Accessing Your Course Tests

Log into your account to access your tests. Click on the “Member Area”, then click on the “Tests/Certificates” button on the left side bar.

Under “Tests/Certificates”, you will see the tests for all products you’ve purchased or been sent. You should see the course under Send or Use Additional Tests/Certificates. Click on “Use”. Move up a little and click on Start to begin the process. If you are interrupted and cannot finish the test, you can save the test and come back to it at any point in time to finish it..

For webinars, the test simply asks you to certify that you have completed the course.

Note: If you are part of a group that purchased additional certificates for a webinar or course, the person who purchased can send the Test to your Member Area from his or her Tests/Certificates page. All participants must create an account on to access Tests/Certificates.

Free Becky Dorner & Associates Webinars and Courses

To take one of our free webinars or courses, log in as a member, go to Free CPEs, select the webinar or course you’d like to participate in, and follow the instructions.

Free Webinars through Partner Organizations

If you’ve been given access to our courses through one of our Partner organizations (i.e. Hormel Health Labs, etc.), you can access the course through the Partner portals. Go to the Partners page and click on your organization and follow the instructions.

2. Completing the Evaluation

Upon successfully completing the test, you will automatically be directed to the online evaluation. Click “Submit” when finished. As required, complete the CDR Critical Thinking Evaluation Tool  (CTT), a CDR-requirement for all self-study courses approved on or after January 1, 2020. Click “Submit” when finished. A copy of your completed CTT will be provided with your certificate. For more information on the CTT, please see CDR Connection – Winter 2020 (scroll down to see the article NEW! CDR Critical Thinking Tool Self-Study Requirement and link to the CDR CTT document).

3. Obtaining Your Certificate

Once the evaluation is submitted, you will be redirected back to the Member Area, within Test/Certificates. Click on the Download button to the right of your completed program to print your certificate and/or save it to your computer. Your certificate will also be emailed to you.

Questions on CPE Certification?

Please refer to our FAQ page or contact us with additional questions.



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