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October’s Note from Becky

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Everyone needs an advocate for their health and overall wellness. As nutrition professionals, we can be that advocate for our patients/clients. Most of us know someone who has been touched by breast cancer. I have a cherished family member that celebrated 11 years as a survivor this summer, and yet another friend who is living and thriving with metastatic breast cancer. In October we salute them and shine the spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In addition, it’s Vegetarian Awareness Month and this month includes World Stroke Day. As you navigate these different observations, remember that what you learn can help your clients navigate their own health conditions with your specialized nutrition care.

So whether you have a friend, family member of client that’s fighting breast cancer, one that’s at high risk for a stroke, or one that’s a new or longtime vegetarian, you can turn to Becky Dorner & Associates for the education and resources you need to make a difference.

As always, I love getting feedback from you on what we’re sharing. Feel free to email me at with comments or questions. Happy fall!

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