Instructions for Webinars

Live Webinars:

Ordering, Registering and Handouts

  1. Order the live webinar.
  2. Go to your Member Area. On the Dashboard on the left side of the page,  click on Webinars.
    At the very top of the Webinars page, hit Submit to register in GoToWebinar.
  3. To Download the handouts for the live webinar, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Download button under Upcoming Webinars. (You may need to refresh your page to see the Download button).

On the Day of the Live Program (At least 5 minutes prior to the start of the program):

View and Listen to this program using GoToWebinar. You can  join the Webinar at the scheduled date and time by using one of 2 methods:

  1. Click the “Join Webinar” button or link from your reminder email. Reference the meeting with access code provided in your handout PLUS audio PIN supplied by GoToWebinar.
  2. OR – Go to your Member Area and click on Webinars. Scroll to Upcoming Webinars. Click on Join Webinar Link.

Once you have logged into the GoToWebinar session, select either “Mic & Speakers” or “Telephone” in your GoToWebinar Control Panel (upper right corner of your screen). If using your computer speakers to listen, select “Mic & Speakers”. Please note that PC speakers’ audio quality can vary drastically based on your audio software/hardware manufacturer as well as your operating system.

If using a telephone line to hear the webinar, use the Toll-free number provided on your handout along with the access code and audio pin number that is assigned after joining the GoToWebinar.

Additional Tips

  1. If at any point during the program you have to disconnect your phone, or you are unintentionally disconnected, simply redial to be reconnected to the program.
  2. Participants’ phone and computer lines will be muted during the conference call.
  3. Questions: Use GoToWebinar to ask your questions during the program. Simply click on the orange arrow at the top of your screen to open the question box, type in your question and send it in. Questions are answered during the webinar as time permits.
  4. For Groups: Test your sound system: If you are using a speakerphone or group sound system, test the system at least a day in advance to familiarize yourself with its features and functions; and to assure that the volume is loud enough for all participants to hear. For larger groups, we suggest purchasing more than one webinar line and breaking into smaller groups.

Please note: All emails go to the person who registered for the webinar, who may then distribute the information to participants. Make arrangements for your group’s location prior to the webinar and prepare/distribute copies of the handout for all participants. See instructions below for Viewing with a group.

Webinar Recordings:

Purchase the product. Go to your Member Area to download the handouts and watch the program. After the program, go to your Member Area under Tests, acknowledge that you completed the program, complete the evaluation, and download your certificate. View the program as many times as you wish until the expiration date.

If you purchased the live session and were unable to attend or missed part of the session, the recording is automatically sent to your BDA account. Sign into your BDA account at: and the recording will appear in your account under Webinars. To receive certificate, once logged into your BDA account, on left tool bar select Tests/Certificates to access the information for the webinar.

Viewing with a Group (Live or Recorded Webinars):

Order one webinar, and then order additional certificates for the rest of your group. Go to your Member Area to share the certificates with each participant (you need a Member Account to do this). Watch the webinar together as a group, and then follow the instructions above for  live or recorded webinars to access the test, evaluation and certificate. (Note: Each person in your group will receive an email with instructions on how to participate.)

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