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Coming Soon! 2019 Edition – Pre-order now at 2017 prices! The manual will ship approximately February 28, 2019.

New Policies and Procedures Include:

  • Updates based on the CMS Phase I and II rules
  • Menus and Therapeutic Diets: RDN order-writing privileges, Resident’s for eating at non-traditional times, Resident’s choice meals, Resident’s right to refuse a therapeutic diet
  • Food Production and Food Safety: Use of non-disposable gloves, Handling and storage of food brought in from outside sources, Produce procured from local produce vendors, Inventory and Cost control, Preventing burns
  • Sanitation and Infection Control: Foods brought in from outside the facility
  • Personnel Training: CMS qualifications of Food and Nutrition Services Director, Competency checklists for Food and Nutrition Services staff, Nursing Staff serving in the dining room, and Food and Nutrition Service Director, Facility-wide inservice training, and Resource on Facilitation of adult learning
  • Clinical Services: Resident assessment and criteria for enteral feeding
  • Disaster Planning: Emergency preparedness plan addressing safety and security of residents, staff and community; Back-up for electronic files
  • Appendix: CMS Critical Pathways for Kitchen, Dining, Dialysis, Nutrition, Hospice and End of Life, Hydration, Tube Feeding; F Tag Crosswalk, List of Revised F Tags, Sample Job Descriptions and Work Schedules, CMS Emergency Planning Checklist

Excellent for nursing homes or hospitals. New information on food code, food safety/sanitation, nutrition/unintended weight loss, person centered dining, Nutrition Care Process and more! A great time saver, includes step by step guidelines to ensure that regulatory, nutritional, dietary needs are met for optimal health of individuals in your care.

Customizable Bonus Materials on Flash Drive:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions
  • More than 70 sample forms and resources

This Best-Selling Manual Covers a Wide Range of Topics. See “Sample Pages” above for the full Table of Contents.

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“As a nutrition and dietetics professor, it is wonderful to see such high-quality educational opportunities for registered dietitian nutritionists. Becky Dorner & Associates provides educational opportunities for topics that are on the cutting edge of nutrition research and practical application.”
- SeAnne Safaii-Waite, PhD, RDN, LD, Associate Professor of Foods and Nutrition, University of Idaho

Revisions Include:

  • Language changes to reflect changes in the CMS rules released November 2016. For example “dietary” department is replaced with “food and nutrition services” department and “qualified dietitian” is added in where appropriate.
  • Update in introductory section to include explanations of new language
  • Changes are incorporated throughout the book to reflect CMS’ new emphasis on resident/patient/representative input into care planning and focus on individual choice
  • New language that reflects physicians being able to delegate order-writing priveleges to RDNs is incorporated
  • QAPI policies/procedures have been strengthened/updated to reflect an increased emphasis on QAPI in the new CMS rules
  • Overall review/update of all policies and procedures with updates that include more emphasis on electronic record-keeping, electronic health records and electronic communication.
  • Review of all policies and procedures to assure that they are still pertinent, given the new CMS rules

IMPORTANT NOTE: This edition is based on the Advance Copy – Revisions to State Operations Manual (SOM), Appendix PP. Revised Regulations and Tags. November 9, 2016. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Center for Clinical Standards and Quality/Survey & Certification Group. Ref: S&C 17-07-NH. https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Provider-Enrollment-and-Certification/SurveyCertificationGenInfo/Downloads/Survey-and-Cert-Letter-17-07.pdf that was effective November 2016. There are a total of 3 phase ins for the CMS changes including November 28, 2016, November 28, 2017 and November 28, 2018. If needed, we will revise the book for each phase. Customers who purchase this 2017 edition will be provided a discount code to use on future 2 editions that include the revisions for the second and third phase ins.

Becky Dorner, RDN, LD, FAND is widely-known as one of the nation’s leading experts on nutrition, aging, and long-term care. An experienced speaker and extensively published author, Becky is the Founder/President of Nutrition Consulting Services, Inc., whose dedicated team of RDNs and NDTRs have served health care facilities since 1983; and Becky Dorner & Associates, Inc., which offers a broad library of resources and continuing professional education programs. Her free email magazine keeps 35,000 health care professionals up to date on the latest news in the field.

Honors include: Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy), Academy Award of Excellence in Business and Consultation, NE Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur, Academy Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year and DHCC Distinguished Member Award.

Contributing Editor: 
Liz Friedrich, MPH, RD, CSG, LDN, FAND is a Registered Dietitian and president of Friedrich Nutrition Consulting in Salisbury, NC. The company provides a variety of nutrition consulting services with a focus on gerontological nutrition. She has co-authored numerous articles in journals and magazines, including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Liz was the Associate Director of Nutrition411.com, a respected website for dietitians, and is an evidence analyst for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Evidence Analysis Library. In 2009 Liz became Board Certified as a Specialist in Gerontological Nutrition.

Honors include: Two North Carolina Dietetic Association awards, the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year (1991) and the Member of the Year (2000).

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