Using Mindfulness to Deepen Your Intuitive Eating Practice Course

Required Reading!
Course Expires April 2, 2027
Credits: 6
Accreditations: CDR
Required Reading

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Discover the Four Foundations of mindfulness and how these can deepen your intuitive eating practice!

The required reading for this course provides tools to help clients manage stress and soothe difficult emotions without relying on food. The required reading teaches the practice of intuitive eating using the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, a classic Buddhist framework that includes mindfulness of body, feelings, mind, and phenomena. Each of the foundations is explored in depth and provides questions the reader can use to help them learn to practice mindfulness more effectively.

This course is appropriate for practitioners and educators who want to learn more about intuitive eating and recommend it for their clients or patients.

A case-study based CPE examination helps the reader apply information in the course to their personal and professional goals, work setting, and patient population.

Purchasing Options: Course includes hard copy, course document, electronic test and 1 certificate with passing grade. If you already have the book, use the “CPE Test only” option.

After completing this continuing professional education course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Evaluate factors that influence the learning process and skill building to develop intuitive eating skills.
  2. Develop counseling or coaching goals to help clients understand and adopt intuitive eating.
  3. Assist with resolution of barriers to achieving goals of counseling and coaching to help establish intuitive eating.
  4. Establish goals and desired outcomes for intuitive eating skills in collaboration with clients/patients.

This course is intended for: RDNs and NDTRs

CDR Activity Number: 182166 Self Study Activity Type: 720 Printed
CPE Level: I

Suggested CDR Performance Indicators:

  • 9.1.4 Evaluates factors that influence the learning process and skill building.
  • 9.6.8 Develops counseling or coaching goals in collaboration with clients.
  • 9.6.9 Assists with resolution of barriers to achieving goals of counseling and coaching.
  • 10.3.1 Establishes goals and desired outcomes in collaboration with clients/patients.

Note: Numerous other Performance Indicators may apply.

The answer to the pop quiz is “c. Improved memory and executive function.”

This self-study course includes required reading, a downloadable course document and an online exam with multiple choice, case study based questions. This course exam includes 20 questions. Upon passing the test, the learner can download and print the certificate.

Required Reading for this Course: Intuitive Eating for Life: How Mindfulness Can Deepen and Sustain Your Intuitive Eating Practice written by Hollenstein J.

The text/book associated with this course is required solely for the course taker to learn the underlying principles which they will apply in taking a case-study based exam. Neither the authors nor the publishers of the text/book have contributed to or endorsed this course.


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This course would make an excellent CPE program as it complements the required reading book well with additional perspectives and resources for both the care provider and client.
- Using Mindfulness to Deepen Your Intuitive Eating Practice

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