Salt Fat Acid Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking Course

Credits: 8 CPEs for CDR, and 6 General CE for CBDM Credits
Course Expiration: December 30, 2022
Professional Approvals: CDR, CBDM
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Required Reading!

Enhance your culinary skills with a deeper understanding of Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat and their place in increasing food palatability, while meeting nutrition goals!

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat focuses on the concept that mastering the use of four elements will make any food delicious: salt, which enhances flavor; fat, which delivers flavor and generates texture; acid, which balances flavor; and heat, which ultimately determines the texture of food. By explaining the hows and whys of good cooking, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat teaches and inspires a new generation of cooks how to confidently make better decisions in the kitchen and cook delicious meals with any ingredients, anywhere, at any time. Salt, Fat Acid, Heat bridges the gap between home and professional kitchens. With narrative, illustrations, and detailed charts about using salt, fat, acid, heat, and seasoning effectively, the author demystifies the four elements of good cooking for everyone.

The first half of Salt Fat Acid Heat provides information, and the second half provides recipes and preparation tips. This case-study based CPE course (based on the first half of the book) invites the reader to learn and/or enhance their culinary skills. A deeper understanding of cooking methods and food palatability will broaden the participants’ understanding of the pleasures food can provide. The CPE course will also help the participant understand why and how changing ingredients and food preparation methods to meet nutrition goals can affect a product’s palatability.

Course includes hard copy book and 1 certificate.

For so many nutrition professionals, there is the fear of, or avoidance of both salt and fat. And yet, our clients want food that is satisfying. This CPE course gives solid science as to what each of the 4 elements of good cooking do in a manner that most people should be receptive to.
- B. Burgin Ross, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND
Salt Fat Acid Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking Self-Study Course

After completing this continuing professional education course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the properties that salt, fat, acid, and heat bring to food preparation.
  2. Apply knowledge of salt, fat, acid, and heat to the preparation of quality food.
  3. Develop or expand culinary skills with a focus on preparation of high-quality food.

This course is intended for: RDNs, NDTRs and CDMs

CDR Activity Number: 152580 Self Study Activity Type: 720 Printed
CPE Level: I

Suggested CDR Learning Needs Codes:

  • 2100 Nutritional biochemistry
  • 8015 Cultural/ethnic food and culinary practices
  • 8060 Culinary skills and techniques
  • 8100 Food and recipe development and modification

Suggested CDR Performance Indicators:

  • 1.3.9 Recognizes and incorporates knowledge of cultural and/or religious foods, practices and preparation.
  • 8.4.2 Develops and/or modifies recipes, menus and meals using sensory perceptions and other food components.
  • 8.4.3 Uses a variety of cooking techniques, food preparation and production and delivery systems.
  • 13.2.3 Incorporates principles of food science and preparation in recipe development.

Note: Numerous other CDR Learning Need Codes and Performance Indicators may apply.


This course is also approved by the Certifying Board of Dietary Managers (CBDM).

Hours: 6 General CE

Approval Number: 165472

Each CDM in attendance will be required to report their CE hours by logging into their online account at
CDMs are to retain a copy of the certificate of completion in the event they are audited.

From CBDM: “All CBDM Prior Approved programs are subjected to the CE hour limitations for a program type as defined by CBDM policy. For more information, please refer to The CBDM Guide to Maintaining your Credential”.


This self-study course includes required reading, a downloadable course document and an online exam with multiple choice, case study based questions. This course exam includes 49 questions. Upon passing the test, the learner can download and print the certificate.

Required Reading for this Course: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking written by Samin Nosrat and art by Wendy MacNaughton

The text/book associated with this course is required solely for the course taker to learn the underlying principles which they will apply in taking a case-study based exam. Neither the authors nor the publishers of the text/book have contributed to or endorsed this course.


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