Nutrition for the Older Adult, 3rd Edition Course

Credits: 25
Course Expiration: July 10, 2022
Professional Approvals: CDR, CBDCE
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Required Reading!

Increase your knowledge about the link between nutrition and diseases/conditions that are common in older adults.

The course lays the foundation for nutrition care of older adults and is designed for nutrition professionals working with this population including those who are interested in increasing their knowledge about the link between nutrition and diseases/conditions common in older adults.

Each chapter is written by experts in the area of nutrition and clinical health of the older adult and conveys the most current research and evidence-based guidelines from the scientific and medical literature. Topics unique to the older adult are highlighted and chapter objectives focus on the key concepts of the chapter. Sample ADIME (Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, Monitoring and Evaluation) notes relevant to the content are also included. Discussion and study questions at the end of each chapter in the book test the reader’s knowledge of the content, and the CPE exam tests knowledge for the overall course.

Course includes hard copy book and 1 certificate.

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After completion of this CPE program, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of nutrition programs and services available for older adults.
  2. Review four major body systems and describe the physiological changes and clinical manifestation that occur during the aging process.
  3. Identify the specific macronutrient, vitamin, and mineral needs of the older adult.
  4. Apply current physical activity recommendations to older adults with a variety of medical conditions.
  5. Apply the Nutrition Care Process to older adults.
  6. Implement appropriate medical nutrition therapy for specific conditions, including osteoporosis, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, diabetes, and cognitive disorders.
  7. Identify medication side effects and interactions as they relate to nutrition for the older adult.
  8. Apply principles of selecting and administering enteral support to older adults.

This course is intended for: RDNs, CDEs, and NDTRs

CDR Activity Number: 149761     Self Study Activity Type: 720 Printed
CPE Level: 2

Suggested CDR Learning Needs Codes:

  • 3005 Nutrition Assessment and Diagnosis
  • 3020 Assessment of target groups and populations
  • 4190 Elderly nutrition
  • 5410 Client protocols, clinical guidelines

Suggested CDR Performance Indicators:

  • 4.1.2 Interprets and integrates evidence-based research and literature in decision-making.
  • 8.1.1 Interprets and applies evidence based comparative standards for determining nutritional needs.
  • 8.1.4 Demonstrates knowledge of nutrient requirements throughout the life span and their role in health promotion and disease management.
  • 8.3.6 Keeps abreast of current nutrition and dietetics knowledge and trends.

Additional Learning Needs Codes and Performance Indicators may apply.

This self-study course includes required reading, a downloadable course document and an online exam with multiple choice, case study based questions. This course exam includes 121 questions. Upon passing the test, the learner can download and print the certificate.

Required Reading for this Course: Nutrition for the Older Adult written by Melissa Bernstein, PhD, RD, LD, FAND and Nancy Munoz, DCN, MHA, RDN, LDN, FAND

The text/book associated with this course is required solely for the course taker to learn the underlying principles which they will apply in taking a case-study based exam. Neither the authors nor the publishers of the text/book have contributed to or endorsed this course.


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