COVID-19: Resources and Information for Food and Nutrition Services

Providing Food and Nutrition Services During a Pandemic: A Primer for Professionals Course

Free Webinar! 

Thanks to the generous support of Hormel Health Labs, we will be offering a free 1 hour webinar to provide information and resources to assist you during this difficult time. 

As new information emerges daily about COVID-19, we must keep current with the most recent “best practice” and credible information to prevent and manage nutritional care of our patients/residents/clients. To facilitate proactive actions for emerging issues related to food and nutrition for regulatory compliance and “best practice”; this session will present the most current guidelines and resources from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other leading health organizations.

Please click here: Handouts for Recorded Webinar

Please check our website at beckydorner/covid19 for frequent updates.

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