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Questions about Enteral Nutrition and Fat Malabsorption?

Join award winning dietitian, Dr. Jeanette Hasse, as she helps define nutrition treatment options!

Earn 1.0 CPEU! Live Webinar Tuesday August 25 (2:00-3:00 PM EDT) – Recording available within a few days.

Are you providing nutrition care for enterally fed patients with fat malabsorption? Learn how to identify issues and define nutrition treatment options. This free webinar will review the process of fat digestion, summarize the basic physiology of the pancreas and disorders leading to exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and outline symptoms and diagnosis of fat malabsorption. The effect of fat malabsorption on nutrition status will be examined with a focus on appropriate nutrition interventions. Enteral nutrition strategies will be evaluated along with appropriate dosing and delivery of pancreatic enzymes for bolus and continuous enteral feeding.

Want to know more? Learn how to help your enterally fed patients who have fat malabsorption issues! Check out this webinar Enteral Nutrition Challenges: Focus on Pancreatic Insufficiency Webinar.

Enteral Nutrition Challenges: Focus on Pancreatic Insufficiency Webinar

This webinar aims to identify challenges associated with enteral nutrition in patients with fat malabsorption and define nutrition treatment options.

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