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Get Ready for Older Americans Month

May is Older Americans Month! Established by the Administration for Community Living, this month-long observation was created to celebrate older adults, bring awareness to their needs and encourage their involvement in the community. Learn more about Older Americans Month and nutrition needs for older adults.

Older Americans Month 2019

Administration for Community Living Older Americans Month was established by the Administration for Community Living to celebrate the older adults in our communities. Every year brings a new theme for the month, and this year’s theme is “Connect, Create, Contribute”. Learn more about what you can do to celebrate older Americans during the month of May!

My Plate for Older Adults

Tufts University My Plate for Older Adults is a helpful tool that provides examples of foods that fit into a healthy, well-balanced diet, and corresponds with the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. You can also access tips on shopping, physical activity and more.

What Diet is Best for Older Adults?

Medical News Today When older adults attempt to lose weight, they often start a diet that causes loss of bone density and muscle mass. A diet that is rich in protein and low in calories has been shown to lead to the best weight loss results while maintaining bone density and muscle mass.

Learn More with Our CPE Self-Study Courses

Nutrition for the Older Adult Second Edition Course This course provides a detailed discussion on the demographics of aging including minority groups and a thorough discussion of the theories and physiology of aging and genetics of longevity. Get 25% off the course with book when you use code NFTOA25 at the checkout! (Only while supplies last!)

Nutrition Care of the Older Adult Third Edition Course

The Nutrition Care of the Older Adult Course provides practical guidance for both new and experienced practitioners on all aspects of nutrition and health care delivery systems for older adults.

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