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A Salute to Humanitarians, Including Those Who Work with Food Insecurity

Salute to Humanitarians

Today there is an even greater need for humanitarian aid than ever before. A global pandemic, climate change, and the fallout from conflict around the globe has left many people more vulnerable than ever before. But humanitarian work doesn’t have to be globally viral in order to be meaningful.

Every day people are engaging in humanitarian acts to help others in their communities who are struggling. You may think that you don’t have enough power alone to solve the issues of the world such as water and food shortage, but there are small humanitarian steps that can be taken in your neighborhood that get the ball rolling on change.

From learning more about how you can get involved in the humanitarian aid movement, to donating to a food bank or community fridge or setting up a community fridge in your neighborhood, there are a lot of things you can do to help people that need it on World Humanitarian Day—and every day of the year.

World Humanitarian Day – August 19, 2021

National Today

World Humanitarian Day was originally created to honor the people who devote their lives to helping others get the essentials they need to thrive. It has evolved into a day of action to mobilize people around the globe to demand change, create new opportunities in their communities and influence humanitarian policy in countries around the world.

World Humanitarian Day: UN Pays Tribute to People Helping People Around the Globe

United Nations

On World Humanitarian Day, the UN recognizes the selfless action of aid workers and volunteers who give their time, money and even their lives in order to help people affected by tragedy and crisis. Multicultural tributes to those who share their expertise, talent and love for humanity recognize the invaluable contributions of humanitarians around the world.

St. Joseph’s Health Launches ‘Food Farmacy’ to Tackle Food Insecurity


WSYR highlights a new program at St. Joseph’s designed to help those who are medically fragile ensure that they have access to healthy food. The Food Farmacy at St. Joseph’s provides regular meals to the patients with diabetes who are struggling with food insecurity and need regular, nutritional meals in order to stay healthy. Taking a holistic approach to health care that includes a healthy diet will help medically vulnerable avoid serious health complications.

Freedge Movement: Grassroots Efforts Fight Food Insecurity with Free Refrigerators


NPR reported on a growing national grassroots effort to provide free fresh and perishable foods to people who are hungry by putting out “Freedges”—refrigerators stocked with things like milk, eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. These community food centers offer easily accessible food aid to those that are struggling and hungry. Organizers warn that the need for food aid is going to stay high well after the pandemic, so organizers should focus on building a sustainable aid network.

Everything you Should Know about Community Fridges, from Volunteering to Starting your Own


Mashable has created an action guide to becoming more involved in local efforts to help the hungry in your own community. You can find a community fridge program that already exists in your community or get some guidance in how to start your own. Difficult times are the new normal for millions of people who are struggling, so starting a community fridge is a great way to help families in your community right now.

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