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The Great Resignation Epidemic: What Is It And How To Beat It?

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What’s the number one thing that keeps top performing employees happy at their jobs? According to research by Gallup, it’s career growth opportunities. In a survey done with Amazon in June 2021, Gallup found that 57% of U.S. workers want to update their skills and 48% would consider switching their job to do it. With statistics this staggering and a workforce that’s changing in the wake of COVID-19, how can employers keep their top employees satisfied?

Invest In Managers

Research shows thriving employees follow great managers. Gallup found that exceptional managers reduce turnover rates better than any other role in a company. In fact, prior to the pandemic, research showed it would take a 20% pay increase to lure employees away from managers that they love. Great managers can cultivate a team that’s well-engaged, and in turn will attract employees that want that type of environment. So investing in your managers is not just an opportunity for growth, it’s becoming pertinent for successful business models.

Don’t Just Upskill, Reskill

Due to burnout from COVID-19, with the normalization of hybrid workspaces and turnover rates at their highest, good managers not only need growth opportunities, they also need skill-specific support. Successful managers need to be more like coaches and less like bosses. This means reskilling your managers. According to Gallup, the best modern coaching managers need to be able to ask great questions, listen to individuals and then use employee strengths to drive engagement and produce measurable business outcomes. Gallup suggests using the following to reskill your managers:

  • Live instruction and discussion to inspire them and shift their mindsets
  • Practical tools to enable deployment of their new skills
  • Interactive practice, debrief, and repetition to build their automaticity and confidence
  • Self-paced learning to deepen and individualize their mastery
  • Experiential learning to promote application
  • Social learning to build community and reinforce adoption
  • Pervasive, individualized focus on the individual strengths of each manager
  • Coaching and feedback to promote their engagement

Don’t Wait. Start Today.

Investing in your managers may be a slow process, but the outcome will transform the way your entire business runs. Well-developed managers will keep your team engaged, reduce high turnover rates and ultimately attract the right employees, leaving you with a healthier work place.

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