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Playing an Essential Role in Nutrition Care

Becky Dorner has a passion for health and nutrition, leading her to find innovative solutions and share her knowledge with the global dietetics community. We are so proud of Becky’s contributions, and the essential role she is playing in nutrition care. Read more about her latest accomplishments and recognition below.

Becky on PDPM, Malnutrition and the RD

RD Lounge

Featured on the RDLounge blog, Becky talks through malnutrition, the vital role of RDs and how PDPM is shifting the current service model. Read her article to learn about new diagnosis methods for malnutrition under PDPM, the importance of RDs in nutrition care, and more.

Becky Dorner, Health Hero

Hormel Health Labs

Hormel Health Labs featured Becky as June’s Health Hero! This article highlights her decades of dedication in improving nutritional care, furthering the dietetics field through promoting continued education and creation of educational resources for current nutrition professionals. Learn more about her story and innovative contributions here.

Food & Fitness After 50: Life is a Balancing Act

Christine Rosenbloom

Featured on the Christine Rosenbloom blog, Becky talks about her life growing up, running three businesses, creating balance and tips for healthy aging.

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