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Give the Gift of Continuing Education This Holiday Season

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Gift-giving is just part of the fun of the holiday season, but what do you get for a nutrtition professional – especially in a pandemic? Recognize, reward and encourage continuing education with a Becky Dorner & Associates gift card for the RD, RDN, DTR, NDTR, CDE, CDM and other professionals in your life! This is a great gift for friends, colleagues, preceptors, interns or students. 

Have extra money in your budget that needs to be spent by the end of the fiscal year? Why not use it on the gift of continuing education, including self-study courses, webinars and more! Our gift cards are valid on any order on the site, and they never expire. It’s simple—just purchase online and your recipient will receive the gift card via email with an optional message sent with it.

Our gift cards:

  • Never expire
  • Are valid on any purchases on our website
  • Are a great way to give the nutrition professionals in your life a boost toward continued education and knowledge
  • Are a great way to encourage learning and show your support

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