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Celebrating Older Adults—Just Because!

Happy old woman with sunglasses

In the midst of all that’s going on around the world, we’re still seeing stories pop up about happy, healthy older adults who are making the best of their lives no matter the circumstances. These are the stories that are really worth celebrating! We spend so much time talking about disease prevention, lifestyle changes and diet intervention, but it’s not often we get to talk about one of the best forms of medicine—doing what you love.

These senior citizens are the perfect examples of how enjoying life and having hobbies and interests that make you happy helps keep you on the right track. Sure, they’re staying active, and yes, they’re probably maintaining fairly healthy diets, but above all else they have something to wake up and look forward to every morning. That’s what keeps us all going!

93-Year-Old’s Obsession with The Hokey Pokey Culminates in Flash Mob

CBS News

When Mrs. B gave her neighbor, Melanie Mendrys, a Hokey Pokey CD and started talking about the song constantly, Melanie knew exactly what she should do for Mrs. B’s 93rd birthday—a flash mob dancing to the Hokey Pokey!

Maine’s Oldest Lobster Trapper Has No Plans to Retire At 101

CBS News

Virginia Oliver is 101 and is Maine’s oldest lobster trapper. Even after badly cutting herself recently out on the job, she has no plans of stopping. When asked why she continues to trap lobsters into her old age, she responds, “Because I want to.”

Eating to 100

Eating to 100: Exploring the Diets of Centenarians

Becky Dorner & Associates

This presentation covers the science and stories of centenarians from around the world who have mastered the art of living well into their golden years. The information discussed will provide you with useful tools to help clients of all ages improve their quality of life and longevity.

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