Case Study: Hormel Health Labs Sponsored IDDSI Training and Continuing Education Webinars

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Hormel Health Labs is widely recognized as the worldwide leader for dysphagia products, offering their THICK & EASY® product lines as well as hundreds of other products designed for people going through treatments or recovering from illness.

We share a common goal of providing education and helping to improve care to those suffering from dyshpagia. Partnering with Becky Dorner & Associates to sponsor several webinars on the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) has helped Hormel Health Labs get its name in front of their key audiences: registered dietitian nutritionists, nutrition and dietetic technicians, registered,  food and nutrition service directors, nurses, physicians and facility administrators who all play key roles in providing quality dysphagia care.

Sponsored Webinars on IDDSI and Dysphagia Care

Free IDDSI Training Webinar Series

This special series of complimentary IDDSI training webinar recordings is for people who care for and/or prepare and serve foods/beverages to people with dysphagia in settings such as skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, acute care hospitals, and in the home. The training compliments what IDDSI has already created, provides an overview on IDDSI and includes links to resources that are essential to training. These webinar recordings are 20–45 minutes in length and include handouts as well as information on pre- and post-webinar viewing activities and resources. 

  • Webinar 1: IDDSI: What’s it All About? Why Do We Need to Change?
  • Webinar 2: IDDSI: Testing Measures for Food Quality and Safety
  • Webinar 3: IDDSI: Testing Measures for Beverage Quality Control and Safety
  • Webinar 4: How Does IDDSI Work in the Real World? Preparing Foods and Drinks
  • Webinar 5: How Does IDDSI Work in the Real World? Serving Foods and Drinks


These training webinars have received a total of 1,986 views since inception. That’s nearly 2,000 people who have seen the Hormel Health Labs name and associated it with dysphagia and IDDSI!

Free Continuing Education Webinars

International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative:
The Who, Why, What & How

This presentation was developed for food and nutrition professionals and presented by a Speech-Language Pathologist who is board certified in swallowing and swallowing disorders and is an IDDSI champion.


1500 registrants
820 attended live webinar
190 views of recorded webinar
11,352 pageviews

IDDSI: Teamwork From Regulatory Requirements to Successful Implementation

This webinar describes what this means regarding “best practice” expectations from key professional organizations and regulatory agencies for long-term care.


1828 registrants
1032 attended live webinar
2 views of recorded webinar
5,462 pageviews

COVID-19: Resources and Information for Food and Nutrition Services

To facilitate proactive actions for emerging issues related to food and nutrition for regulatory compliance and “best practice”, this session presented the most current guidelines and resources from the CDC, CMS and other leading health organizations.


55,331 pageviews (as of 03/01/2022)

Increased Brand Awareness for Hormel Health Labs

For pageviews and registrants that didn’t result in webinar attendance, Hormel Health Labs was still promoted as a prominant resource and thought leader on dysphagia care and IDDSI.

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