Sponsorship for our Speakers

Tips on How to Pursue Sponsorship

Companies that have sponsored our speakers in the past include national corporations such as Nestle Nutrition, Abbott, US Foodservice, Sysco, Hormel Health Labs and many other regional companies.

We recommend that you start by contacting the local sales representatives that you do business with (from one of the above companies or other companies that are strong in your area). If any of your members buy from these companies, they probably have good contacts.

Consider including a topic that the sponsoring company would appreciate. A few examples of topics to fit the vendor’s interest:

  • A medical nutrition company might be interested in sponsoring a topic such as unintended weight loss or nutrition care for pressure ulcers.
  • A company that carries pureed products or thickened liquids might be interested in sponsoring a presentation on dysphagia.

Contact the sales representative to discuss the sponsored event. Offer to email information and refer them to our website for more information on our speakers, their topics and qualifications.

  • Provide information on the event (number of attendees, professionals in attendance, information on your organization)
  • Send information on the presentation (description, objectives, outline, length, etc.)
  • Provide a list of the benefits of sponsorship
  • Provide quotes from previous satisfied sponsors
  • List the ways that the company will be mentioned (in your brochure, before, and after the presentation, etc.)

Vendors appreciate the marketing opportunity that sponsorship presents. Here are some things you can offer:

  • Company name and logo printed in the program brochure that is sent to all potential participants
  • Recognition in the program book at the meeting
  • A sign recognizing the sponsor at the door of the presentation room
  • Recognition in your organization’s newsletter and/or website if available
  • Please note that the speaker will not discuss the sponsoring company’s product/service during a CPE presentation

Please contact us for further assistance.


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