Nutrition: a Piece of the Wound Care Puzzle

What are clinical practice guidelines for pressure ulcer prevention and healing?  Are there legal ramifications for not implementing guidelines in practice?  Is weight loss appropriate for obese individuals with pressure ulcers? What vitamins and minerals accelerate the healing process? What biochemical data identifies nutritional status?Despite the advances in treatment modalities and support surfaces, pressure ulcers continue to be a serious healthcare problem. Poor outcomes are associated with under-nutrition, including the risk of morbidity and mortality. Under-nutrition needs to be quickly identified when pressure ulcers are present. Nutrition interventions selected to manage the individual’s current condition should be based on standard protocols.

This evidence-based session includes case studies to increase audience comprehension for incorporating guideline into practice.

In this workshop the attendees will:

  • Learn how to implement evidence based nutrition care for individuals of all sizes from the frail person to the obese individual
  • Define the role of key nutrients linked to wound healing and implement practical solutions to achieve positive outcomes
  • Incorporate documentation to strengthen the individual’s plan of care and avoid legal consequences

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