Enhancing the New Dining Practice Standards

OVERVIEW: New Standards of Practice in Dining for the Aging Population have the clinical support and regulatory backing to revolutionize food service in nursing homes.

New Dining Practice Standards reveal that negative outcomes are often the result when restricting food choices, and instead recommend that older adults not be placed on very restrictive diets even when chronic conditions exist. The new standards reflect evidence based research available to date; current thinking; and consensus of several national professional organizations. Stakeholders include physicians (AMDA), dietitians and dietary mangers (AND/ANFP)), nurses (AALTCN, AANAC, GAPNA, HIGN, NADONA, NGNA), therapists (AOTA, ASHA) and pharmacists (ASCP).

Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Dietitians and Dietary Mangers are strongly encouraged to attend. This program will provide an overview of new Dining Practice Standards; discuss the newly released CMS surveyor training related to these standards; and introduce the latest concepts in dining services that support this new philosophy. Regulatory guidance will be addressed along with clinical standard recommendations


  • Identify the Standards of Practice for Dining in Elderly Adults
  • Discuss regulatory support of the Dining Practice Standards
  • Discuss common barriers to implementation and success stories and resources to overcoming them

    CDR level: II

    LNC: 1010, 3020, 4190, 5040, 5100, 7050, 7100, 8050  Session 1-2 hours in length

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