Current Best Practices for Nutrition in LTC

Best Practice for nutrition services is expected from healthcare providers. Facilities are accountable for providing nutrition services that meet professional standards of quality that are provided by appropriate qualified persons (e.g., licensed, certified). This webinar will present current best practice standards for nutrition and for nutrition related to wounds and hydration. The standards reflect evidence based research available to date; and current thinking.

Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Dietitians and Dietary Mangers and other Facility Interdisciplinary Team Members are strongly encouraged to attend. Regulatory guidance will be addressed along with clinical standard recommendations


  • Identify current Best Practice standards with Nutrition and Aging.
  • Discuss current Best Practice standards with Nutrition related to Wounds, and Hydration
  • Know available Best Practice Resources to support implementation at the Facility Level

CDR level: II

LNC: 1010, 3020, 4190, 5040, 5100, 5380, 5430, 7100, 7160    Session 1-2 hours in length


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