Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals, 6th Edition Course

Credits: 20
Course Expiration: April 25, 2022
Professional Approvals: CDR, NCBDE
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Required Reading!

The 6th edition of Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals is a reference for clinicians that work with athletes in all sports, at all ages, and all levels of competition. The book provides evidenced-based information and nutrition strategies that the sports dietitian can use to help clients maximize athletic performance. The book is divided into four sections (Sports Nutrition Basics, Sports Nutrition Assessment and Energy Balance, Principles in Practice, and Sports-Specific Nutrition Guidelines) and has a total of 23 chapters, comprehensively covering all aspects of sports nutrition. Each chapter has a list of “key takeaways” that summarizes the chapter, and there is an “at a glance” section that summarizes nutrition guidelines for athletes competing in 18 sports.

The CPE program requires to learner to apply the knowledge learned in the entire book in a case-study based exam.

Course includes hard copy book and 1 certificate.

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"Yes, this is great! There isn’t anything out there like it to my knowledge. I wish it was available when I was studying for my first CSSD exam."
- Kelly L. Pritchett (Kerr), PhD, RD, CSSD
Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals, 6th Edition Course
"There is so much interest among dietitians to practice in sports nutrition but evidence and recommendations based on the literature must be the foundation for practice...this delivers on the science and the application."
- Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN
Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals, 6th Edition Course (3)
"The questions are quite appropriate and actually in more detail than some of the questions on the CSSD exam. Plus the questions go beyond the general to the specific areas that sports dietitians must know."
- Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LDN
Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals, 6th Edition Course (2)

After completing this continuing professional education course, the learner should be able to:

    1. Apply knowledge of exercise physiology to nutrition care of athletes.
    2. Apply principles of nutrition assessment to the competitive athlete.
    3. Compare the roles protein, carbohydrate, and fat play in serving as fuel sources for athletes.
    4. Differentiate between the macro- and micronutrient needs of adolescents and adult athletes of different ages.
    5. Apply principles of physical activity to weight management for athletes.
    6. Demonstrate an understanding of the nutritional needs of vegetarian athletes and athletes with diabetes.
    7. Distinguish between the nutritional needs of athletes who compete in short duration, high intensity sports and endurance sports.
    8. Develop nutrition care plans for athletes during training for a season or event.
    9. Design nutrition strategies to help athletes maximize their performance during training and/or competition.

This course is intended for: RDNs

CDR Activity Number: 148237   Self Study Activity Type: 720 Printed
CPE Level: 2

Suggested CDR Learning Needs Codes:

  • 2000 Science of food and nutrition
  • 2070 Macronutrients: carbohydrate, fat, protein, water, fiber
  • 2090 Micronutrients: vitamins, minerals
  • 4060 Exercise, fitness, sports nutrition

Suggested CDR Performance Indicators:

  • 8.1.2 Applies knowledge of food and nutrition as well as the biological, physical, and social sciences in practice.
  • 8.1.3 Integrates knowledge of macronutrients and micronutrients for absorption, digestion, and metabolism throughout the life span in practice.
  • 8.2.4 Imparts knowledge of the importance of physical activity and applies behavior change principles to promote physical activity and decrease inactivity.
  • 10.2.5 Develops nutrition prescription to communicate required food and nutrient needs.

Note: Numerous other CDR Learning Need Codes and Performance Indicators may apply.


This self-study course includes required reading, a downloadable course document and an online exam with multiple choice, case study based questions. This course exam includes 85 questions. Upon passing the test, the learner can download and print the certificate.

Required Reading for this Course: Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals edited by Christine Karpinski, PhD, RDN, CSSD, LDN, Editor-in-Chief and Christine Rosenbloom PhD, RDN, CSSD, FAND, Assistant Editor

The text/book associated with this course is required solely for the course taker to learn the underlying principles which they will apply in taking a case-study based exam. Neither the authors nor the publishers of the text/book have contributed to or endorsed this course.


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