Food & Fitness after 50: What Every Health Professional Needs to Know Webinar

Credits: 1.5
Course Expiration: March 21, 2021
Professional Approvals: CDR, NCBDE
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This webinar will help you to provide evidence-based information and offer practical solutions to your clients and patients.

Older adults are hungry for information on food and fitness in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. Yet, there is so much noise and confusion around nutrition and exercise, many adults are left wondering what they can do to eat well, move well, and be well.

We will explore healthy dietary patterns and the food choices necessary for adults over 50 to find the right balance of nutrients; address the exercise needed to preserve strength, build muscle, enhance endurance and maintain balance; and offer tips for maintaining a healthy body weight and achieving fitness goals.

This course has great up to date information on the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel and provides RDNs with the tools needed to thoroughly understand the gamut of Pressure Injuries/Ulcers whether new to the field or a seasoned RDN. I highly recommend this course.
- Anna de Jesus, MBA, RDN
Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers/Injuries Self Study Course

After completing this continuing education course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Identify usual age changes from disease and discuss the idea of “use it” or “lose it” when it comes to physiological and cognitive changes with age.
  2. List the four characteristics of a dietary pattern for optimal aging.
  3. Describe the usual changes to muscle mass, strength, and function with age and describe progressive, resistance exercise strategies to combat sarcopenia.
  4. Discuss how sleep, stress, and social support can affect healthy aging.

This course is intended for: RDNs, NDTRs, and CDEs

CDR Activity Number: Live 139493/Recorded 139977
Activity Type: 171 Live Webinar OR 175 Recorded Pre-Approved CPE
CPE Level: 1

Suggested CDR Learning Needs Codes:
• 4040 Disease prevention
• 4060 Exercise, fitness, and sports nutrition
• 4190 Elderly nutrition
• 5090 Adults

Suggested CDR Performance Indicators
• 3.3.5 Advocates for public health and wellness within the context of the organization and community.
• 4.1.2 Interprets and integrates evidence-based research and literature in decision making.
• 8.1.4 Demonstrates knowledge of nutrient requirements throughout the life span and their role in health promotion and disease management.
• 8.2.4 Imparts knowledge of the importance of physical activity and applies behavior change principles to promote physical activity and decrease inactivity.

Additional Learning Needs Codes and Performance Indicators may apply.

Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, FAND is a professor emerita of nutrition at Georgia State University, where for 30 years she held various teaching and administrative positions, including department chair and associate dean. During her academic career, she provided sports nutrition consultation to various collegiate sports teams, helping active people recognize the power of food on sports performance. Currently, she is a member of the advisory group to the IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma program.

As an active member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, she chaired the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) practice group; edited two editions of Sports Nutrition: A Practice Manual for Professionals, with the 6th edition released in 2017.

Currently, she is a contributing sports nutrition editor for Nutrition Today, and a monthly contributor to USA Swimming, both for the website and Splash Magazine. In 2010, she started a consulting practice, Chris Rosenbloom Food and Nutrition Services, LLC. She enjoys working with a variety of food and nutrition partners to synthesize nutrition research literature and develop communications for health professionals and consumers. Her goal is to help people to understand the connection of food and nutrition to optimal health.

She received a Bachelor of Science in food and nutrition from Kent State University (Ohio) in 1973 and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Minnesota in 1974. Her doctorate was earned in sociology with a gerontology concentration from Georgia State University in 1989.

Disclosures: Dr. Rosenbloom is currently on the Clif Bar and Company Nutrition Advisory Council and the IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma Program. She is a consultant for The Ginger Network, a food marketing firm as Scientific Advisor for FoodFluence™, a thought leadership conference for nutrition communicators. Dr. Rosenbloom is the co-author of Food & Fitness After 50, and is in the target demographic for Food & Fitness After 50!


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