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Becky Dorner

Menus & Recipes

My Choice Menus

Make dining fun with creative menus that offer nutritional value for the residents/patients/clients you serve!  Our new My Choice Menus offer a wide range of healthy choices for nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, hospitals, group homes (new!), and other senior care facilities and dining programs. 

My Choice Menus are available in 2 formats:

  • eMenus - These are cloud based menus licensed from the SNOPro Menu Publisher module. This module allows you to access our My Choice Menus. You can use the menus as written or make modifications easily as desired. Recipes are provided to go with the menus and can be scaled to meet your needs. You can also choose from a data bank of 5000 recipes, or create your own. The nutrition analysis shows you details for each food, each day and averages for the week. The cost analysis can link to major food service vendors to integrate your pricing into the menus. The nutrition analysis of ingredients, recipes, menus and reports are only a "click" away.  For more information including pricing, click here.
  • Hard Copy - Each copyrighted menu includes a license to use the menu system in one facility. You will receive a binder with paper copies of the weekly menu overviews, the diet extensions, menu notes and suggestions, always available menus, and diet guidelines.We have 2 basic sets of menus, one for larger settings such as Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Hospitals or other senior care facilities and/or dining programs, and another one for  smaller settings such as Group Homes. For additional detail on our hard copy menus, click here
Menu customization is available upon request. Please contact info@beckydorner.com for more details
Review additional information on nutritional and cost analysis.
If you have questions, email us at: info@beckydorner.com